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 My name is Patrick Krolis, I am a photographer. I am available for personal and commercial shoots. I also will do freelance photography. My main interests are Fashion, Beauty and Fine Art Nudes.

I started out bodyNsoul Photography in 2006, at this moment there are 3 photographers part of the team. Fausto Fraser joined in 2008, while Guillo Grant joined the team in 2009.

On this website you will find portfolios, some galleries, some exhibited works, information about booking us, and links to our work all over the internet. More about us here 

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BlackBerry App Available


We have a BlackBerry App available in the BlackBerry App Store. The app works for BB OS 10, BB Playbook en the legacy BlackBerry devices running OS 7 or lower.
The app is a lovely tool to stay up to date with our website posts and our facebook posts. Apps for iPhone and Android should be published later this year.
Find the app in the AppWorld

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Anuja Raghoebarsing



by; Guillo Grant

While going through my 2011 picture archive, the portrait from Anuja Raghoebarsing popped up. She was one of the Miss India Suriname 2011 contestants and was the youngest of all. Anuja is Second Runner-Up Miss India Suriname 2011 and Miss-Photogenic 2011. 

Since I have not spoken with Anuja for a while, I contacted her to see how she is doing. We had a nice conversation. Curious as I am, I asked her how the contest affected her. She answered that the contest boosted her self-esteem.

The workshops and trainings were very fruitful and helped her to find out her true self. Everything had a positive influence on her personality. Anuja is a young lady who is very focused on her exams which are due this year. She enjoys dancing, reading, cooking and of course shopping. Anuja wants to be an example for young people. In August she will turn 18 and already she knows what her next step in life will be. She wants to study pharmacy or biochemistry. 

Her motto in life is ‘Forget the past, live in the present and think of the future’

Who is the boss?


Fausto Fraser Shot this young, but very talented actor from Jeugdtheaterschool On Stage for the advertisement on their coming Theater Festival. Jeugdtheaterschoo On Stage is celebrating their 5th year.


Birthday Cooking


I just realised that is is a year ago that I did my first Weekend Cooking blog entry. The sad thruth is that while we have cooked some fabulous and beautiful dishes over the last year, we have not photographed them properly. Guess the food was too good and was eaten immediately.

In the weekend of the first of April I set myself to cook for a large group of guests however and while I photoblogged the progress of the cooking effort with quick images from by blackberry to facebook, I decided ta ask business partner Guillo Grant to take proper shots of the great food we had for the guest.

I had done a Marseille Boullabaise preparing everything from scratch, from julienning the carrots to preparing the fishbroth, the roulle, and eventually the soup. Accoding to one source there are already over 280 recipes for Boullabaisse, I just added one more. One of the greatest compliments was most probably of a friend who is also a profesional caterer who said she could "taste the Origin in the boullabaise" My son Gio offered the style the plate, and did a wonderful job, business partner Guillo took the perfect photograph.

My niece Isabella meanwhile had spend most of the day preparing exquisite desserts, Chocolate Ravioli filled with Mascarpone and White Chocolate, and a Tarte Tartin, of course they had to be captured too, my sister did the the Boozy Chocolate-Orange Profiteroles and the foodstyling and again Guillo took the perfect picture

What an amazing pictures, what amazing food, the guest were full of praise and to me it was the perfect trio, "Careful Cooking, Perfect Picture, Enjoy Eating", you can translate it to "Live, Love, Be Happy"

Marseille Boulabaisse

Chocolate Ravioli with Mascarpone and White Chocolate Filling, Tarte Tartin and Boozy Chocolate-Orange Profiteroles



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