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by; Guillo Grant

While going through my 2011 picture archive, the portrait from Anuja Raghoebarsing popped up. She was one of the Miss India Suriname 2011 contestants and was the youngest of all. Anuja is Second Runner-Up Miss India Suriname 2011 and Miss-Photogenic 2011. 

Since I have not spoken with Anuja for a while, I contacted her to see how she is doing. We had a nice conversation. Curious as I am, I asked her how the contest affected her. She answered that the contest boosted her self-esteem.

The workshops and trainings were very fruitful and helped her to find out her true self. Everything had a positive influence on her personality. Anuja is a young lady who is very focused on her exams which are due this year. She enjoys dancing, reading, cooking and of course shopping. Anuja wants to be an example for young people. In August she will turn 18 and already she knows what her next step in life will be. She wants to study pharmacy or biochemistry. 

Her motto in life is ‘Forget the past, live in the present and think of the future’

Who is the boss?


Fausto Fraser Shot this young, but very talented actor from Jeugdtheaterschool On Stage for the advertisement on their coming Theater Festival. Jeugdtheaterschoo On Stage is celebrating their 5th year.


Birthday Cooking


I just realised that is is a year ago that I did my first Weekend Cooking blog entry. The sad thruth is that while we have cooked some fabulous and beautiful dishes over the last year, we have not photographed them properly. Guess the food was too good and was eaten immediately.

In the weekend of the first of April I set myself to cook for a large group of guests however and while I photoblogged the progress of the cooking effort with quick images from by blackberry to facebook, I decided ta ask business partner Guillo Grant to take proper shots of the great food we had for the guest.

I had done a Marseille Boullabaise preparing everything from scratch, from julienning the carrots to preparing the fishbroth, the roulle, and eventually the soup. Accoding to one source there are already over 280 recipes for Boullabaisse, I just added one more. One of the greatest compliments was most probably of a friend who is also a profesional caterer who said she could "taste the Origin in the boullabaise" My son Gio offered the style the plate, and did a wonderful job, business partner Guillo took the perfect photograph.

My niece Isabella meanwhile had spend most of the day preparing exquisite desserts, Chocolate Ravioli filled with Mascarpone and White Chocolate, and a Tarte Tartin, of course they had to be captured too, my sister did the the Boozy Chocolate-Orange Profiteroles and the foodstyling and again Guillo took the perfect picture

What an amazing pictures, what amazing food, the guest were full of praise and to me it was the perfect trio, "Careful Cooking, Perfect Picture, Enjoy Eating", you can translate it to "Live, Love, Be Happy"

Marseille Boulabaisse

Chocolate Ravioli with Mascarpone and White Chocolate Filling, Tarte Tartin and Boozy Chocolate-Orange Profiteroles


Miss India Suriname 2011 Introduction Night


 Since 2009 the first official pictures of the candidates are taken by bodyNsoul Photography right before their introduction night. This years Introduction Night was held at the newly opened Wyndham Garden Hotel in downtown Paramaribo.

075 Miss India Intro The 9 Miss India Suriname 2011 candidates


On October 01, 2011, at 3pm, I entered ZEN at Anamoestraat in Paramaribo North, where the makeup artists and hair stylists of ZEN were busy with the preparations of the 9 MISS INDIA SURINAME 2011 candidates. Everything looked in place for the photoshoot later that day and I left to make preparations for their first photoshoot. The Miss India Suriname candidates arrived around 6 pm from their preparations at Zen. Winston Pinas and Josh Fernandes had setup studio in room 311 under guidance from Guillo Grant. When I arrived at 5 I only had to setup my camera and laptop. Everything else was in place.

Room 311 The room was transformed in a studio, with the contestants waiting in the back, the laptops in the front and the studio lighting in the middle


We were joined a few minutes later by Cher Marchand, she assisted the new contestants with their first photoshoot invited by bodyNsoul Photography. They could not have had a better example Cher herself is Miss India Suriname 2009 and the second runnerup to the MIss India Wordwide 2010 and the Miss Photogenic both during the Miss India Suriname contest and the Worldwide.

Cher Marchand-0010 Showing the fabulous class in front of the camera, being a source of inspiration for the candidates

112 Miss India Intro Cher Marchand, Miss India Suriname 2009 - during the introduction night after inspiring the contestants during their photoshoot


We shot the 9 profile pictures and started processing them immediately so they could be posted on the Miss India Suriname website  at the same moment that the contestants had their introduction on the pool terrace on the roof of the Wyndham Garden Hotel.

Rianna Sahebdien

Kavita Binda

Shaskia Paragh

Varsha Ramratan

Sharita Jialal

Soraya Jaikaran

Shunayna Gajadien

Gietanjali Thakoer

Anuja Raghoebarsing


Miss India Suriname 2010, Sunaina Jagroep also made an appearance in front of the camera, right before she went upstairs to welcome the guests together with the board of the SURINDIA GLAMOUR organization.

Sunaina Jagroep Miss India Suriname 2010 in front of the camera in the "Studio 311"

001 Miss India Intro Sunaina Jagroep and representatives of the Surindia Glamour board welcoming guests at the introduction night of Miss India Suriname 2011 contest


While Josh and myself processed the images, Guillo, Rishand and Winston photographed the event for bodyNsoul Photography. While Kasturi made an overview for the Miss India Suriname website. The evening started with the guest being welcomed by Sunaina and the Surindia Glamour board. Exactly at 9 pm the contestants were announced by Fanisha Salamat, one of the host of the evening. The miss contestants introduced themselves flawlessly and made a very good impression on the public.

060 Miss India Intro Fanisha Salamat and her co-host for the Introduction evening of the Miss India Suriname 2011 Introduction Night


The guest were entertained by Farish Barsati winner of the Mahindre Kapoor songfestival in 2011, 3 dancers of Danceschool Satrangi and a dance by Miss India Suriname 201, Sunaina Jagroep.

195 Miss India Intro Sunaina Jagroep, Miss India Suriname 2010, at the end of the evening after her performance posing for the bodyNsoul camera

162 Miss India Intro Sunaina Jagroep, Miss India Suriname 2010, performing for the guests of the Miss India Suriname 2011 Introduction Night


It seems that whoever may win this contest will have a solid entry in the Miss India Worldwide pageant to be hosted in Suriname in February 2012. We are looking forward to the contest and the public appearances of the contestants during the month of October 2011. As you can see it promisses to be a real spectacle this year again.


205 Miss India Intro The SURINDIA GLAMOUR board


The pageant is organized for the 6th time by SURINDIA Glamour, and will be held on October 29, 2011 in the Main Ballroom of the Chamber of Commerce in Paramaribo. For the third year in a row bodyNsoul Photography are the Official Photographers of the event. Miss India Suriname is the most prestigious pageant since its inception in 2006, when Fareisa Joemmanbaks was crowned the first Miss India Suriname and subsequently went on and won the title for the Miss India Worldwide in 2007. bodyNsoul Photography became Official Photographers of the pageant in 2009 and started with the portfolio shoot and photoshoot training of Miss India 2008 Pamela Mangroelal, before her participation in the worldwide.


See a few more selected images of the Introduction Night here or see all and purchase any of the images of the glamourous evening on the bodyNsoul Images website.


Bharata Nathyam Arangetram by Amberien Pierkhan


On July 30, 2011, Amberien Pierkhan did her Bharata Natyam Arangetram (Graduation) in Theater Thalia. Approximately 2 months ahead we started photographic preparations for the big event, with a studio photo shoot for the program booklet to be printed. And of course on the big day itself, we photographed the performance and the guests.

110730_ Amberien _232 A view of the guests during the performance

110730_ Amberien _209 India's ambassador to Suriname posing by a lifesize print of Amberien in Thalia's Foyer.


The Arangetram is the debut on-stage performance of a Bharata Natyam student, after undertaking typically 10-12 years of  training. Bharata Natyam is an ancient Indian Temple dance form. In Tamil, Aranga means "raised stage" and etram means "climbing" thus Arangetram literally means "climbing the stage" or "reaching the stage", thus it represents the graduation ceremony when the Guru presents her pupil to the public. Ideally this should be the first solo public performance of an accomplished dancer. After learning bharatanatyam under the guidance of a guru for atleast 8-10 years, this is the occasion for the proud guru to present her deciple to the public. Duration of an Arangetram is approximately 2 1/2 - 3 hours. To perform for such long hours one must have good stamina, concentration and proper practice. The ceremony traces its origins from the devdasi (temple dancer) traditions. The origin of the tradition can be traced backto the Tamil epos "Shillappadikram" written around 500 AD.

Amberien-Arangetram-0093 Traditional ceremony before the performance, the Guru is

110730_ Amberien _1641 Amberien with her two teachers Sadhana Mohan on the left and Guru Madhoeri Jagmohan on the right


During the Studio shoot Amberien was guided by Sadhana Mohan who hersel did her arangetram 10 years earlier and the Guru Madhoeri Jagmohan, the leading lady of the Baharata Natyam dance in Suriname. The shoot was a wonderful experience and gave me a good look into all the poses and expressions that I would also be photographing during the arangetram itself.

Studio Session-459

Studio Session-930


Shooting live dance performances can be very tough, like an olympic sport, so proper preparations is always good, with Sadhana by my side and the very critical eye of Mrs Jagmohan, I could not be better prepared Myself.

The images of the studio shoot were used in a 24 page program booklet that was distributed to the 500 invited guests at Theater Thalia on the day of the Arangetram. Fausto Fraser and myself photographed the spectacular performace, while Fausto and Sheetal Bhoelai photographed the guests too during their arrival for the performance. Lifesize prints of Amberien were decoration the voyer of the theater and guests could get their pictures taken by them.


Amberien-Arangetram-0213 Amberien "greeting" the band and her Guru


A wonderful experience was the 3 hour solo performance by Amberien, while mucisians flown in from India joined by Guru Jagmohan provided live music for the dance performance.

Amberien-Arangetram-2404 Amberiens parents Faried and Audrey on the left, Guru Madhoeri Jagmohan second from the right, Amberien third from the right and the members of the band


For more images see HERE



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