RUNWAY - Makeovers with Hollywood Celebrity Makeup Artist


Runway, a makeup store in Suriname representing between others Napoleon Perdis and Smashbox, hosted a Hollywoodstyle Makeover Makeup event during the 28, 29 and 30th of April 2011. A Celebrity Hollywood Makeup Artist did beauty makeovers for 3 days to numerous Runway clients, while on the 1st of May he led a Hollywood Makeup workshop for some of these clients.

Sharon Yang, from Runway for whom we photographed also the opening of her first RUNWAY store in 2009 and the opening of the new store in the Hermitage Mall in Paramaribo in 2010, asked bodyNsoul Photography to shoot Beauty images for her clients during the Makeover days and to deliver prints on location to those clients.

On the night before the event we also shot a few profesional models for the advertisement campaign but that is a subject for a next post.

bodyNsoul and Runway have colaborated more often in the last few months, among others we are both hired by Suriname's Mindstyle Magazine BLISS, for which we have done 2 covers and several fashion shoots.

Over the 3 days we set up a mini studio in Runway and while I took the beauty images, Guillo and Fausto were either doing quick touchups in postprocessing and printing or making "The Making Of..." shots. Please check a few more of the Making Of.. shots here For the GLAM shots we set up a mini temporary studio in the RUNWAY store. Shooting with the D300 tethered to the iMac, Clients could choose their picture immediately after the shoot. The shot would be postprocessed on a windows 7 laptop using a WACOM tablet and printed on PRO PHOTO Paper on our CANON i9900 printed which was installed there.

The clients would get their GLAM shot on a 15x21 print and the Makeup Artist signed all the GLAMshots personally as soon as it was finished. We saw lot's and lot's of happy clients leave the store during the 3 days shooting from 9am to 9 pm. A Monster Job, wih beautiful images...

Check more images in the album here.

runway 2253

runway 1863


UNITED Magazine #13 - Editorial


In December 2010 we had Caroline Alberga, Anuschka Sewbalak and Monique Ijzer in our studio to shoot their portraits for a UNITED Magazine editorial. Ed Lee, publisher of the magazine, hired Gillian Calor to do the makeup. As we have been working with Gillian many times before, make-up was on thing not to worry about during this shoot. The girls were in good hands.

Ed wanted dark images for the article, so I choose a seal grey seamless background and positioned the models and the chair at enough distance from the background. Using one light and a reflector, I ensured that the background did not get too much light so it would appear dark on the images.

The images were published on pages 40-41, 42, 45 and 46 of UNITED Magazine Edition 13. You can see the images as they went to the magazine in the UNITED Magazine Gallery

united-3-woman Caroline Alberga

Model Minds - de Ware Tijd - 2011-04-18


In 2010 we did a series of photo shoots for portfolio purposes for a selected group of models from the Perfect in Style modeling agency in Suriname. The beautiful Gloria Naarendorp was one of them. It was a pleasant surprise to see an article about her in Suriname's oldest daily newspaper De Ware Tijd.

It is a pity nor the newspaper nor the model nor the modeling agency requested an edited version of the image. Still it remains a beautiful shot I think. The article hereunder was copied from


door Claudine Saaki


Paramaribo - Gloria had altijd al model willen worden. In 2006 werd zij aangemoedigd door een vriend om mee te doen aan een auditie van het modellenbureau Perfect in Style. Een week daarna hoorde Gloria dat zij door de selectie gekomen was. Op dat moment werd haar droom werkelijkheid.

De eerste modeshow die Gloria mocht lopen was in Mistique. Het lukte haar aardig, omdat zij van Perfect in Style lessen kreeg in visagie, styling, looptechnieken en lichaamsverzorging, en ze volgde trainingen om haar zelfverzekerdheid te stimuleren. Het model is van mening dat modellenbureaus in Suriname hun uiterste best doen hun modellen te trainen, zodat zij professioneel naar buiten kunnen treden. Van de media krijgen zij echter weinig ondersteuning.

Patrick Krolis/BodyNsoul Photografy
Gloria Naardendorp


bodyNsoul STYLE - Edition 4


In November 2010 we photographed Zoureena Rijger (Miss Suriname 2009) and Audrey Bakrude (lead singer APOPLECTIC) for Around the World/ Sparkling Jewel in the fourth edition of the bodyNsoul STYLE series in UNITED Magazine. After the huge success of the first series the bar was high to produce the second series in the same concept, yet differently. Having total creative freedom from the client we opted to go for a similar scarce light environment, but with a more feminine feel in the images this time. This allowed us to once again showcase the watches and jewels in a unique way.

Shooting Zoureena and Audrey on 2 separate days, we missed some of the creative sparks that flow when everything is happening at the same time, while on the other hand it made the work so much more "body and soul" since each of the models got her own feminine creative juices flowing this way. For both sessions Joelle Issa did the makeup while Faith Mohamedigsan did the hair. This was the first time both Joelle and Faith participated in the production of bodyNsoul STYLE. Yet none of them is a newcomer in the bodyNsoul Studio. We have done multiple jobs for multiple clients with each one of them sometimes even with both of them. Actually it was also a first time in bodyNsoul Style for Zoureena even though we did multiple other projects with her before and even in that month too. For Audrey it was actually the first time as a photo-model in front of the bodyNsoul camera, even though we have shot her multiple times as the lead singer of Suriname's foremost rock band APOPLECTIC or as a runway model on the catwalk.

Around the World and Sparkling Jewel both have stores in the Hermitage Mall and sell wonderful watches and jewels as can be seen in bodyNsoul Style Edition 3 and Edition 4. All images can be seen in the photo gallery for bodyNsoul STYLE Edition 4.




United Magazine is the oldest glossy magazine in Suriname which continues in publication. bodyNsoul Photography pioneered fashion photography in Surinamese Magazine together with UNITED Magazine and will continue to do so. For bookings for the next edition of bodyNsoul STYLE you can contact us here. Zoureena and Audrey can be booked for runway or photo assignments through bodyNsoul Photography. Click here for more info.

Weekend Cooking


The weekend of April one was a very good opportunity to do what we have been talking about in the bodyNsoul Photography Studio for a while already. I love to cook and frequently we cook ourselves wonderful dishes at home, since the office is very near home we discussed that we should photograph our food more often. While it is not MADE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY food, we still try to capture it in the most flattering way possible. As it was my girlfriends birthday this weekend more reason to share the beautiful and tasteful food we made and ate. While crossing the studio with the food, Guillo stopped me and kicked off this series of 3 food images, shooting the Sushi and the Sashimi. Two days later when I did a remake of the pasta and the shrimps I decided to shoot those too. In all cases Desiree is to be credited for the food styling and part of the cooking. Over time we should showcase a lot more food photography, most of it probably right out of the kitchen on it's way to our stomachs, but also some work we do for our clients.


Black Tagliatelli with Smoked Salmon 

Jumbo Shrimps a la Patrick


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