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bodyNsoul Photography started out in 2006 as a sole effort by Patrick Krolis. In 2007 Fausto Fraser frequently started assisting during shoots, becoming a partner in 2008, while by January 2009 Guillo Grant joined bodyNsoul Photography as partner.

bodyNsoul Photography aimes to be the best photography business in Suriname and to expand it's unique photography worldwide. bodyNsoul Photography is now active in several fields of photography including but not limited to wedding, portraits, fashion, fine-art, events and party photography, both for personal, commercial and editorial assignments.

Patrick Krolis started out photographing enthusiastically at the age of 15 during his highschool years. Went to study Food Engineering and Food Science and Technlogy in Brazil at the Universidae Federal de Vicosa, and returned to Suriname in 1992. He then went to work as a Food Scientist at he Fernandes Bottling where from 1999 till 2006 he served as President. In 2006 he started out bodyNsoul Photography. He is also owner of Strategos Consultancy, co-founder and chairman of IMINCO NV. See his LinkedIn profile for a full resume. 
When not photographing or managing bodyNsoul Photography, Patrick loves to cook.


Fausto Fraser loves making music when he is not photographing



Guillo Grant is the youngest of the three partners, no he is not Patrick Krolis his son!!!




Where to find Us

5 Armandstraat
Phone: +597 433810
E-mail: info[at]bodynsoulphotography.com

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